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Top Attractions


Surkanda Devi Temple:

Surkanda Devi Temple is one of the most well known religious attractions in Kanatal. Located at a distance of 8 kms from Dhanaulti city center near Kanatal, the temple is located at a height of about 10,000 feet. Part of the Devi Darshan triangle of Chandrabadni and Kunjapur shrines, the Surkanda Devi temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati offers panoramic view of the Garhwal region attracting tourists and pilgrims all through the year.


Kodia Jungle:  

Kodia Jungle is one of the most well known tourist excursions points in Kanatal. Located at a diversion of around 1 Km from the Kanatal Chamba highway, Kodia Jungle offers pristine natural surroundings with undulating hills and picturesque valleys. Kodia Jungles are also well known for a number of natural hot water springs. The Jungles are home to some of the most exotic wildlife species including Barking deer, musk deer and wild boars living in the natural habitat. Jeep safaris are available for the tourists to explore the Kodia Jungles. The Jungles attracts a large number of bird watchers and photography enthusiasts. Adventure lovers can also explore the jungles on foot making for an excellent trekking excursion.



Dhanaulti is a popular hill station located in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttrakhand. Known for its abundant natural beauty and tranquil mountain ranges, Dhanaulti is located at an altitude of 2286 meters above sea level. The hill station attracts a large number of tourists and adventure junkies to experience the prince tine mountain ranges and trekking excursions allowing visitors an unmatchable experience of being close to nature at its very best. Dhanaulti offers a lovely natural travelling experience in the magnificent Garhwal region with serene natural hotspots, abundant tree lines and waterfalls making it one of the upcoming popular hill resorts in Uttrakhand.