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Top Attractions


Karnal Lake:

Karnal Lake is one of the most well known tourist attractions in Karnal city.  The Karnal Lake is an artificial manmade lake with an island located strategically in the middle. The island because of its vegetation serves as the resting place for a number of local as well as migratory birds. Some of the more famous birds flocking the Karnal Lake Island include kingfishers, swans, geese and various kinds of ducks. Accommodation facilities are available to the tourists on the Lake side in the form of camper cottages and motels. Boating in the Karnal Lake is also one of the special attractions making it a popular destination for the kids as well as youngsters alike.


Cantonment Church Tower:  

The Cantonment Church Tower is one of the high towering imperial British era structures in the city of Karnal. The Cantonment Church Tower named after St. James by the British was built to commemorate Karnal as the military cantonment of the British forces in North India. The Cantonment Church Tower has a height of 35 meters and is surrounded by a large ornamental cross. The tower is visible to the naked eye from as far as 7 Kms.


Pukka Pul:  

The Pukka Pul also known as the Sayad’s Shrine is located at a distance of 7 kms from Karnal city center near the Mughal Bridge. A fair is also held at this tomb every Thursday attracting a large number of devotees across various religions. The tomb is believed to have powers of curing ailments related to ghosts and provide material prosperity.


Karnal Tal:  

The Karnal Tal also referred to as Karna Tank is a huge water tank situated in central city center of Karnal. The tank is named after Raja Karna of Mahabharata who was famous for being selfless and noble, giving away gold as alms to the needy at this very location. Due to its historic and religious significance, the Karnal Tal is being renovated and there are proposals to convert it into a tourist spot by the Karnal municipal corporation.


Kalander Shah's Tomb:  

Kalander Shah's tomb, located on the outskirts of Karnal city is a popular religious destination. The tomb built by then king of Delhi, Ghias-ud-din holds the grave of Bo-Ali-Qualander Shah, a famous Muslim Savant and Sage which is made out of marble and decorated with carved sculptures.


Miran Sahib's Tomb:

Miran Sahib's Tomb built in the memory of Saint Sayad Mohammad alias Miran Sahib is a widely visited religious hub by both Muslims and Hindus. Miran Sahib died in 899 A.D while rescuing a Brahmin girl from the clutches of the local king. The tomb is situated towards the extreme south of the town. Along the tomb are a small mosque and a cemetery of many members of the Mandal family. 


Atal Park:

Atal Park is one of tourism hotspots in Karnal city. Located in the heart of the city center, Atal Park with its lush green grass bed and beautiful line of trees is a popular children's hangout. The park also acts as a walking bastion for the young and the old alike while winters season brings out family picnic bonanzas to the park's lush green outfield making it a perfect family getaway.


Gymkhana Club:

The Gymkhana club is a well-known recreation club located in the center of Karnal city. The club offers various sports and recreational facilities to members at nominal price and has played a major role in developing a sports culture in the young children of Karnal. Tourists can also avail sporting facilities at the Gymkahan club at very nominal rates.



Babur's Mosque:

The Babur’ s mosque is one of the popular tourist destinations in Karnal due to its association with history as well being the magnum opus of Mughal architecture. The Babur’s Mosque build by Mughal Emperor Babar has a beautiful garden and a well in the vicinity. The mosque is made of burnt bricks and has domed entrances. Islamic devotees offer prayers in the mosque compound attracting a large number of pilgrims on Friday, the holy day of the week for the Muslims.


Oasis Complex:

This is an ideal picnic spot in Karnal. There are lots of attractions here for tourists as well as families like shopping malls, cafeteria, restaurants, fast-food counters, chat-corners etc. The area is always with several buzzing activities.


Karnal Golf course: 

Spread on both sides of the National Highway No 1, this vast ground is a favourite place of sport lovers and elite crowd of the city visit as well as tourists visiting Karnal.


Christian Cemetery:

This tall tower located in Karnal is historically very important. There is a beautiful garden small garden around the tower and which is illuminated in the evenings. City dwellers and tourists come here for spending some relaxing moments during evenings.