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Top Attractions


Kausani Tea Estate:

Kausani Tea Estate is one of the most important industrial landmarks of Kausani. Located at a distance of 5 Kms from the Kausani city center, the tea estate is spread over a 208 acre complex. The government of Uttrakhand is working on a proposal to develop the tea gardens as an official tea estate for the entire region. Kausani tea estate is famous for its organic flavored tea varieties. The tea estate exports are produce to a number of countries across the globe. For travelers Kausani tea estate offers a great insight into tea production with lush green plantations offering a panoramic view.


Anasakti Ashram:

Anasakti Ashram is one of the most historic attractions of Kausani city. The ashram was home to father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi during his visit to the Kausani hills. Mahatma Gandhi wrote his commentary titled Geeta Anashakti Yog in this very ashram. The ashram has a museum offering library and accommodation facility for the tourists. The ashram attracts art lovers, history enthusiasts and tourists alike.


Sumitranandan Pant Gallery:

Sumitranandan Pant Gallery dedicated to the Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant is one of the most widely visited galleries in Kausani. The gallery houses works of the famous writer including manuscripts of the poems and draft copies of his literary works. An annual poetry conference is organized on the birth day of Sumitranandan Pant attracting literary lovers from across India. The gallery has a number of books in its reserve making it one of the most well known places for literature enthusiasts in the country.


Rudradhari Falls and Caves:

Rudradhari Falls and Caves is one of the most picturesque natural attractions in Kausani. Located on the Kausani Almora highway near Someshwar, Rudradhari Falls offers serene paddy fields with a lineup of pine forest on the sides. The Rudradhari Falls and Caves hold a very important religious significance and are considered to be manifestations of Lord Shiva and Lord Vinshu. The Rudradhari Falls flow as rivers and small springs after culminating from the mountains making it a photographers delight. Rudradhari Falls and Caves attract religious pilgrims, nature lovers and tourists alike.


Kot Bhramari Temple:

Kot Bhramari Temple also known as the Kote-ke-mai or Bhramari Devi temple is one of the most important shrines in Kausani. Located on a hilltop within a fort complex, the Bhramari Devi temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhramari. The temple is also believed to have been visited by Adi Guru Shankaracharya while on his visit to the Garhwal hills. A grand fair is held every year in August where the idol of the goddess is taken out in a procession.


Baijnath Temple:

Baijnath Temple is one of the oldest temples in Kausani. Located at a distance of 16 Kms from the city center, Baijnath temp[le dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is believed to have been built in the 12th century by the kings of the Katyuri dynasty. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims and historians alike. Located at an elevation of 1125 meters above sea level, the Baijnath temple is famous for the sculpted statue of Vishnu, who is the presiding deity of the temple.


Lakshmi Ashram:

Lakshmi Ashram also known as the Sarla Ashram is an educational institution established by Catherine Hillman in the year 1948. The ashram is a unique institute in Gandhian thoughts and philosophy of non violence and social upliftment of the poor. The self sufficient ashram runs a boarding school for the girls teaching skills like growing vegetables, cooking, caring for the animals and cleaning. The ashram is home to thousands of poor Kumaoni women giving them an opportunity to enhance their skills.



This is a famous pilgrimage town which is believed to be blessed by Lord Shiva. It is located at the meeting point of River Sarayu and Gomati. Bageshwar is a scenic town with several holy temples. Bageshwar is also mentioned in the legends as a destination that relieves human life from the bonds of birth and death. This town is surrounded by dense forest lands offering opportunities for trekking and hiking.