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Top Attractions


Hawa Beach:

The Hawa beach or Eve's Beach is a less crowded beach and secluded in Kovalam. It is ideal for travelers who would like to have some quiet undisturbed moments. Hawa beach is separated from the other beaches by a small strip of land called the Edakallu foreland.


Light House Beach:

Light House Beach in the South of Kovalam is the most vibrant and crowded beach in Kovalam. Its name came from the huge light house located here over a rocky headland which dates back to the British days. Tourists are not permitted to go inside this lighthouse. The beach is lively during evenings and till late nights. Eateries lining up the beach offer authentic seafood with the famous Kerala spices. 


Samudra Beach:

Lying in the northern most part of Kovalam and separated by a cliff from the rest, the Samudra Beach is yet another lovely beach here. It serves as a base for local fishermen.  The sight of fishing vessels lining up the shores is capturing. If you are lucky you will encounter men climbing down coconut trees dragging down fresh toddy.



Located close to Kovalam, this ancient beach side village was a major port during the colonial days. The old light house here is a landmark with many interesting chronicles of trade with Middle East. Vizhinjam is a budding tourism destination and therefore offers a cal and pristine holidays in its unspoilt beaches. Vizhinjam is popular for its Ayurvedic resorts located in calm and quet surroundings. The cave temples of Vizhinjam are very interesting. There is ten such cave temples exists here which dates back to the 8th century. The rock cut sculptures here are a must see. The old Vizhinjam port is now getting developed by the Government of Kerala with International standards which will be an impetus to tourism here.