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Top Attractions


Karla Caves:

The largest Chaitya or cave temple in India, the Karla Caves, is located in Lonavala.These caves carved out of rock were supposedly built byBuddhist nuns around 1000 AD. This is a popular destination for tourists who want to get a closer look at the architecture and culture of Buddhism. The Chaitya hall is an architectural marvel with 37 octagonal pillars erected around a base structure of a water jar. A special feature of the Chaitya is the façade screen composed of teak wood. The point of entry of the Chaitya hall is decorated with an arch in the form of a horse shoe. Karla Caves also include Buddhist Viharas where the monks used to reside during their period of meditation in the caves. The Cave encloses figures of elephants adorned with ivory tusks and metal jewelry. A famous temple dedicated to Goddess Ekvira Devi is also located here.



Nagphani, later named as Duke’s Nose after Duke Wellington, is a cliff close to Lonavala which is shaped like the pointed portion of a snake’s hood. Duke’s Nose can only be reached through adventurous trekking and the view of the downhill plains is simply astounding.


Wax Museum:

Located at a distance of just 3 km away from the railway station, at Varsoli, the Wax Museum near the Toll Plaza is a new attraction which is drawing the attention of many tourists.


Lonavala Lake:

Lonavala Lake is popularly known as the Monsoon Lake due to its pattern of drying up during the winters and being filled with gushing waters during the monsoon. It is a charming picnic spot in the region. This gorgeous location boasts of scenic surroundings, being nestled in the heart of nature. The source of the Lonavala Lake is the famous river Indrayani. This lake happens to be a natural habitat of a number of water bodies. Many birds can also be spotted on the lake.


Sausage Hills:

One of the best picnic sites in the region, Sausage Hills offer magnificent views of Tunga Fort and Pawna Lake. This pristine hill includes a dense forest covering and is also the natural habitat of various bird species. Sausage Hill is a must-visit if you are interested in bird watching, trekking or hill climbing. Several trekking trails originate from this spot and lead to other hilly terrains, lakes and forts.


Bushy Dam:

One of the most picturesque picnic spots in Lonavala, Bushy Dam looks stunning during the monsoon season with the water gushing out from it, creating magnificent waterfalls. The dam is located against the background of scenic hilly landscapes and lush green surroundings. Bushy Dam is a much sought-after vacation destination and weekend getaway in Lonavala. No swimming is permitted here. The beauty of the region is heightened by the cool environment and peaceful ambience.


Ryewood Park:

Located close to the Lonavala market, Ryewood Park is a beautiful hangout spot in the Lonavala hill station. The Park possess ample ground with bright green lawns and playing areas meant for children. The Park contains different kinds of trees, some of which are many decades old. Initially, the place was a botanical garden but was later transformed into a park. The garden boasts of a number of facilities for merry-making and its flower gardens. It can be a great family weekend getaway. Children can enjoy the many interesting amenities and rides located in Ryewood Park. You can also visit this Park if you simply want to get some fresh air.


Tiger’s Leap:

Adventure enthusiasts will enjoy this site which acts as a fascinating tourist point offering captivating sights. Tiger’s Leap is located at a height of 650 metres with an echo point and monsoon-fed waterfall acting as major attractions.


Bhaja Caves:

This second century Buddhist caves situated in Lonavala are a popular tourist destination. Bhaja Caves comprise of 18 rock-cut caves built by Buddhist nuns. Many beautiful sculptures are housed inside the caves such as a prince on a chariot, three armed warriors, dancing couples and a prince seated on the back of an elephant. All these figures are specimens for showcasing the great architectural skills of ancient sculpures. waterfall is present in the last of the caves.


Amrutanjan Point:

Amrutanjan Point is a renowned attractive site situated right at the start of the Khandala Ghat. It offers the visitors a bird’s eye view of the entire valley as well as the Duke’s nose. The spot is enclosed by the greenery and serves as a perfect picnic location.


Tungarli Lake:

An artificial reservoir situated in Lonavala, Tungarli Lake is the major source of water supply to the entire hill station. The lake is filled to the brim during the monsoons but mostly suffers from scarcity of water during the summer season.


Koregad Fort:

This is a secluded fort on a hillock in Lonavala. The fort can be reached with about an hour’s trekking. This fort which is almost in a ruined state is amidst a picturesque landscape and streams. 


Tikona Fort

Also known as Vitandgad fort, this is a major attraction in Maval region near Lonavala. There is a small and picturesque hamlet called Tikona peth which is soaked in rustic beauty. There is also a lake and a cave enclosed within the fort. Tikona Fort is also an attractive trekking spot.


Tung Fort:

This is an ideal place for the most adventurous. Tund Fort is also called Kathingad and is 3500 feet tall and constructed over a 1200 feet hilly terrain.
The trek to Tung fort is very tough and challenging.


Visapur Fort:  

Located at a height of 4,000 ft above sea level, this is another adventurous trekking spot which leads to a picturesque fort and surroundings.


Valavan Lake:  

This artificial lake is one of the most beautiful picnic spots in Lonavala. The near by beautiful gardens and landscaped plains together makes it an ideal location for  spending some soothing moments.


Tungarli Dam:  

Built across the Tungarli Lake, this is a renowned weekend getaway spot close to Rajmachi. This dam is lined with a picturesque green backdrop with Tungarli village, Sahyadri hills and Rajmachi. 


Pawna Lake (Pavna Lake):

This is yet another picturesque picnic spot in Lonavala. View from here to the Tungi, Logagarh and Tikona forts is admirable.


Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary:

This is a great location for jungle walks, trekking and bird watching.