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Top Attractions


Bara Imambara

Built in 1783, this is the most impressive monument in Lucknow. It is a mausoleum of Lucknow’s legendary ruler Asaf-ud-Daula and his family members. Once can just spend a good part of the day wandering around this beautiful example of Mughal architecture. Bara Imambara or Asfai Imambara has a large arch room of about 50m long and 15m wide, constructed without any pillars. Its balcony is more interesting as it echoes whispering sounds in the main hall.Rumi Darwaza, the 60 feet tall entrance to Bara Imambara is an unmatched structure brightened by huge lanterns and fountains on either sides.


Chota Imambara:

The Chota Imambara which is also known as Husainabad Imambara is a wonderful blend of Charbagh, Persian and Indo-Islamic architecture. The palace interiors and dome are rich with glass works, gold-bordered mirrors, silver thrones and Arabic calligraphy. It is called as the palace of lights, as the whole structure looks stunning on the eve of Muharam, decorated with lights and Belgium chandeliers. Non-muslims are not allowed inside Chota Imambara.


Dilkusha Kothi:

This palace located on the banks of River Gomati was a previous hunting lodge and summer palace. The structural designs and architecture of this Baroque style mansion is very interesting. It stands elegantly amidst vibrant greenery in the heart of the city.


Farangi Mahal:

This is a flamboyant house donated by a French business man. Now it is a full fledged Islamic school which stands parallel to the Oxford and the Cambridge in India. 


Kaiserbagh Palace:

This was a dream project of Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow, who was a famous singer.  The Palace is an excellent artistic piece with several ionic columns, minarets, lanterns, banisters and pediments. A silver covered structure called Baradari at the centre of the palace, its typical Mughal pavilions, Europen statues etc draws huge crowds to the place.

Sikander Bagh:  

Sikander Bagh is a beautiful sprawling garden in the compound of the National Botanical Research Institute. It is an ideal recreational spot in Lucknow.


Sikander Bagh

It is the centre of cultural activities in Lucknow. This vast expanse of loans and gardens houses a pavilion in its middle where many ghazal, kathak and folk performances occur throughout the year.


Ambedkar Memorial

This mammoth landmark in 107 acre is built in the honour Dr. B.R Ambedkar, the architect of Indian constitution. There are many beautiful statues, impressive stone works and fountains in this much visited spot in Lucknow.


Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

The sanctuary features some rare Siberian and European birds which migrate here during winters. Excursions to this sanctuary will add a different flavor for your travel apart from the palaces and forts for which Lucknow is famous for.


Kukrail Reserve Forest
Kukrail reserve is located 15 kms from the city and is a popular picnic spot for the visitors of Lucknow. There is a crocodile nursery and a deer farm.


Satkhanda: This 67 meter tall watchtower just opposite to the Hussainabad Imambara is another marvelous medieval architecture in Lucknow. With a beautiful blend of French and Italian style, it is designed like a palace and was built for enjoying the town scape in those days.


La Martiniere College 

This is one of the oldest school in the country and has a sprawling campus. It is located on the banks of Gomati River and is very famous especially for its peaceful environment.


Husainabad Clock Tower:

This 67 meter tall structure is built in Victorian-Gothic style. It is one among the tallest clock towers in India. Made with gunmetal, its pendulum itself is 14 feet in length and its dial is shaped like a 12-petalled flower with bells around.