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Sri Meenakshi - Sundareswarar Temple :

This twin temple complex is one of the largest and oldest in India. The temple is enshrined with Lord Siva - as Sundareswarar - and his spouse Meenakshi. The temple is a masterpiece and is a baroque example for Dravidian architecture. The gopurams of Meenakshi temple are more than 50 meters tall and is covered with multi-hued sculptures of deities. It has an amazing hall with one thousand musical pillars and life like ornate sculptures around.


Timings: The temple will be open between 05:00 hrs and 12:30 hrs and between 16:00 hrs and 21:30 hrs.


Temple Art Museum:

A Temple Art Museum is housed in the Thousand Pillared Hall of Sri Meenakshi Temple complex. It exhibits many amazing paintings and sculptures in brass and stone that dates back to the Dravidian days. Timing: 06:00 to 20:00 hrs .


Thirumalai Nayak Palace:

Thirumalai Nayak Palace is 17th century palace 2.5 km away from Meenakshi Temple is considered as one of the grandest in South India. The complex is a unique blend of Dravidian, Islamic and Western styles of architecture. It is believed to be constructed by an Italian architect. This huge mansion houses a royal residence, apartments, shrines, theatre complex, palanquin palace, armoury, lush green garden and a palace pond. Its open air courtyard with massive pillars and interiors especially the dance hall are richly decorated. The palace is considered as a national monument by the state Archaeological Department. The archaeological museum housed in the palace is full of valuable artefacts, idols, paintings, royal possessions and things of archaeological interest that were unearthed from various places in South India, since 102 A.D.


Timing: 09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs.


Thirupparankundram Temple:

This is a rock cut temple built during 8th century. It is located 8kms south to Madurai Railway Station. Thirupparankundram Temple has great religious significance. As it is believed as auspicious to conduct weddings here, there is a rush of young couples and their families to conduct weddings here with the blessings of Lord Muruga. Alagar koil Alagar koil located 21 kms from Madurai is a celebrated Vishnu Temple. Located on a picturesque hill-Solaimalai, the temple and its surrounding ruins of a legendary fort are a visual treat. The view of surrounding tropical forest on Azhakar hills from here is also enchanting. This temple is also famous for its excellent carvings.


Gandhi Museum:

The Gandhi Museum housed in the historical Tamukkam palace, Madurai depicts the memories of Indian freedom struggle. The museum has halls dedicated to village industries, south Indian handicrafts and relics. The museum is open on all days between 10:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs and 14:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs.


Mariamman Teppakulam:

This huge temple tank with a mandap in the centre is located 5 kms from Madurai Meenakshi temple. Built in 1636, the temple is famous for its annual Float Festival. The temple is believed to be built there when an idol of Lord Ganesha was dug out from here. Vaigai Dam This giant dam constructed over river Vaigai is a picnic spots located near Andippatti, 70 kms from Madurai. Tourists coming Madurai often visit this place to enjoy boating.


Ramakrishna Mutt:

Madurai has a branch of the world famous Ramakrishna Mutt. Many tourists visit the place for a spiritual retreat in the peaceful lush green ambience. The yoga classes being conduced here are equally famous.


Eco Park:

The eco-park situated with in Madurai Corporation is a family entertainment zone. It features many entertainment options like boating, musical fountain etc