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Top Attractions


Anatomy Museum:

Anatomy museum is one of the best known tourist attractions in Manipal. Operated by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), the Anatomy museum houses various Anatomies of the human body. The museum is well known for having the largest number of diseased human Anatomy collection helping students and young adults understand the human anatomy.



The Planetarium of Manipal is second largest Planetarium in Karnataka. Manipal Planetarium attracts a large number of students, tourists and space lovers all through the day. The Planetarium is famous for attracting star gazers allowing them an opportunity to study stars and their movements during the daytime.


End Point:

End Point is arguably the most famous geographical landmark of Manipal city. Known for its lush green surroundings, End point offers a panoramic view of the surrounding regions of Swarna River. End Point attracts a large number of tourists and nature lovers. End point is well known destination for trekkers including walking and jogging communities.


Heritage Village:

Heritage Village is one of the most significant tourist attractions in Manipal attracting a large number of art lovers and historians. The village has a collection of eight dedicated museums offers a rare insight to the conventional arts, paintings and textiles of Manipal region. The museums attract a large number of domestic and international tourists.


Hasta Shilpa:

Hasta Shilpa is a popular museum attracting a large number of tourists and art lovers from across the globe. Hasta Shilpa is famous for housing antiques including famous idols and paintings collected from the Manipal region over the last few centuries. Apart from its heritage value, the antiques give a rare insight to the architecture and culture of the Manipal region.


Smrithi Bhavan:

Smrithi Bhavan is a heritage house dedicated to the life and times of Dr. T.M.A Pai, the founder and most famous architect of Manipal. The former residence of the Dr. Pai, Smrithi Bhavan now functions as a museum housing many rare artifacts about the region and a vast range of memorabilia belonging to Dr. Pai.