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Top Attractions


Mararikulam Shiva Temple:

Mararikulam Shiva Temple is one of the most popular religious shrines of Mararikulam city. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Mararikulam Shiva Temple is famous for its beautiful architecture. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims and tourists all through the year. Festivals of Mahashivratri and Ashtami Rohini are celebrated with great pomp and show attracting a large number of devotees from across the globe.


Mararikulam Beach:

Mararikulam Beach also known as Marari Beach is one of the most picturesque locations of Mararikulam. The beach attracts a large number of tourists and nature lovers. The beach is an adventure tourist’s delight with adequate facilities from parasailing and wind surfing. The beach is also one of the rare beaches in India offering dedicated tracks from cycling and sporting facilities around the beach periphery.


Alappuzha Beach:

Alappuzha Beach also known as Alleppey Beach is one of the most attractive beaches across Kerala. The Alappuzha Beach has a large number of lagoons and fresh water rivers churning out from the waterways making it one of the most fascinating natural delights of the region. The nearing beach park known as Vijaya Beach Park attracts tourists to indulge in various recreational activities.


St. Andrews Church:

St. Andrews Church also commonly known as St. Sebastian's Church is one of the most famous spiritual and religious attractions of Mararikulam city. Located in Arthunkal district near Cherthala region of Mararikulam, the St. Andrews Church was established in 1851 by Portuguese Christian missionaries. The church is famous for its statue of St. Sebastian attracting pilgrims and art lovers from across the globe. The ten day festival dedicated to St. Sebastian in January each year is one of the most famous religious festivals in the St. Andrews Church.


Velorvattom Mahadeva Temple:

Velorvattom Mahadeva Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the most famous religious attractions in Mararikulam. The temple believed to have been constructed by Swami Villimangalm almost 700 years ago has two dedicated sections housing two idols of Lord Shiva in perfect communion individually. The Velorvattom Mahadeva Temple attracts a large number of devotees and pilgrims from across the state of Kerala.



Cherthala is a small town located at a distance of around 12 Kms from Mararikulam. Cherthala attracts a large number of tourists to visit the various pilgrimage centers and temples. The Kadavil Bhagavathi temple, Thiruayranikkulam Kalathil temple and the Velorvattom Mahadeva temple located in Cherthala attracts a large number of spiritual seekers and devotees across the globe.