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Craignano is a magnificent Italian Villa located on the Shimla Naldehra highway. Constructed by Chevalier Peliti, a baker to the Viceroy of India under the British Empire, Craignano is located at an elevation of 7700 feet above sea level. Located amid dense pine trees forests, the Craignano Villa is built with wood and offers a perfect Italian architectural delight. Craignano is also famous as having the world's highest water lift. The water lift is now used by the government to supply water to the towns of Shimla and surrounding regions. Craignano attracts a large number of tourists offering them adventure activities like trekking and rock climbing amid picturesque scenic locations.


Reserve Forest Sanctuary:

Reserve Forest Sanctuary part of the adjoining Shimla Forest Reserve is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mashobra region. Home to rare and exotic species of wild animals including deer, leopards and jackals, the Reserve Forest Sanctuary offers a perfect natural habitat amid the Pir Panjal mountain ranges. Surrounded by lovely line up of dense oak, pine and Cedar trees, Reserve Forest Sanctuary is offers nature at its very best with animals, birds and rich floral surroundings attracting tourists from far and wide.


Wild Flower Hall:  

Wild Flower Hall is one of the most famous landmarks of Mashobra city. Located at an elevation of 2498 meters above sea level, the Wild Flower Hall located on top of Mahasu Peak serves as an ancient heritage hotel. Wild Flower Hall attracts tourists from all across the globe.


Mahasu Peak and Temple:

Mahasu Peak is one of the most famous geographical landmarks of Mashobra. Located at an elevation of 2498 meters above sea level, Mahasu Peak is famous for its ancient Durga Devi temple. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims and devotees virtually all through the year especially at the annual festival of Mahasu Jatara. The Mahasu Jatara festival held in May every year is accompanied by cultural programs including folk singers and dancers showcasing their splendor dedicating it to the power of the Goddess.



Kufri is a popular hill station famous for its lovely natural landscape and surreal mountains and valleys. Located at a distance of 12 Kms from Mashobra, Kufri is famous for being home to the Himalayan Monal, the official bird of Himachal Pradesh. Kufri offers a great natural insight to the flora and fauna of Mashobra with Himalayan Nature Park dedicated to rare and exotic species of plants and medicinal herbs.


Presidential Retreat:

Mashobra has the distinction of being the second city in India after Secunderabad to be Presidential summer retreat. The Presidential retreat made out of wood is based amid pristine mountains and lush green valleys. Tourists are not allowed inside the Presidential retreat due to security reasons but the Presidential retreat attracts a large number of travelers and photography enthusiasts.