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Top Attractions


Toad Rock:  

This mammoth rock structure is located south of the serene Nakki Lake. The shape of the rock like a huge toad is very attractive. Trekkers can climb the top of the rock to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the lake and the surrounding green hilly terrains.


Sunset Point:

Located on the south west of the beautiful Nakki Lake, as the name suggests, thousands of tourists visit this spot to enjoy the beauty of sunset from here.  The eye catching sunset view from here, as the sun sets behind the forest ranges of the Mount Abu is a sight to behold for any nature lover. The spectacular view of the mountain ranges and the lake from here is marvelous.


Trevor’s Tank:

Located 5 kms to Mount Abu, this is a paradise for nature lovers, designed by the British. The place is important for its flora, fauna and beautiful scenery around.


Dilwara Temples:

It is in fact a group of 5 Jain temples built between 11th and 13th centuries with white marble stone. The 5 shrines are distinctly named as Mahavir Swami, Khartar Vasahi, Pithalhar, Luna Vasahi and Vimal Vasahi. Vimal Vasahi, also called Shri Adi Nath Ji temple commemorates Lord Rishabh, the earliest Jain Tirthankara. Tourists who are interested in legends and mysticism must visit this serene spot.


Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Wildlife Sanctuary at Mount Abu, set up in 1960, is a beautiful abode of several exotic species of flora and fauna. The sanctuary spreads over a hillocks and the dense forests here is home to Guru Shikhar, the highest summit of the region. The sanctuary houses around 250 uncommon bird species as well as animals like jungle cat, porcupine, pangolin, common langur, tiger, panther, wild boar and fox amongst others. Exquisite plant species also occur in this region.


Adhar Devi Temple:

This temple built on the summit of a mountain within a cave, is situated 3 kilometers towards the north of Mount Abu. The main deity of the temple is goddess Durga. The special feature of this place is the 365 steps that leading to the temple. The best time to be at the temple is the Navratri festival when the place is teeming with devotees.


Doodh Baori:

This sanctified well contains milky water and lies close to the Adhar Devi Temple. The temple’s prime supply of milk comes from this well. According to popular belief the water possesses divine power and represents Kamadhenu, the magical cow of the gods. 


Nakki Lake:

The Nakki Lake, with its cool serene ambience amidst the Aravalli Mountains is an ideal place for boating. It is the only non-natural lake in India positioned at an altitude exceeding 1,200 m. As per popular legend, the Gods utilized their nails and bored this lake from the rocks. This is also a popular spot for trekking. There are three other attractions adjacent to this lake, namely Maharaja Jaipur Palace, Toad Rock and Shri Raghunathji Temple. The lake also has historical significance as Gandhiji's remains were immersed here. Commemorating the event Gandhi Ghat has been constructed next to the Nakki Lake.


Guru Shikhar:

Reaching an altitude of 1722 meters, Guru Shikhar is Mount Abu’s highest peak. This place is ideal for trekking and also provides a brilliant view of Mount Abu. Guru Shikhar houses the old Guru Dattatreya Temple, comprising a statue of Guru Dattatreya, supposedly another manifestation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma.There is a colossal brass bell close to the entryway of the temple. Other significant shrines lying over Guru Shikhar are Mira Temple, Shiva Temple and Chamundi Temple. Close to these temples is the Mount Abu Observatory.