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Top Attractions


Birthi Falls:  

Birthi Falls located on the Tahal Munsiyari national highway is one of the most famous geographical landmarks of Munsiyari. Surrounded by dense lineup of oak and cedar trees and might Himalayan mountain peaks, Birthi Falls attracts a large number of tourists and nature lovers. Birthi Falls offers a perfect opportunity for the tourists to unwind and soak in the natural ambience of the region showcasing nature at its very best.


Kala Muni Mandir:

Kala Muni Mandir is one of the most popular religious shrines in Munsiyari. Located between Munsiyari and Thal, the Kala Muni Mandir dedicated to the Naga God attracts a large number of pilgrims from across the region. Located amid beautiful lineup of dense pine trees, the Kala Muni Mandir offers a picturesque view of the surrounding Ganga valley.


Namik Glacier:

Namik Glacier is one of the most well known geographical landmarks of Munsiyari. Famous for its sulphur springs and magnificent waterfalls, Namik Glacier attracts a large number of tourists and nature lovers. Located in the Kumaon region of Nachani village, Namik Glacier offers a panoramic view of the snow capped mighty Himalayan peaks.


Ralam Glacier:

Ralam Glacier located at an elevation of 2300 meters above sea level is one of the most enduring geographical locations in Munsiyari. Famous for being a wonderful getaway from the urban city life, Ralam Glacier offers a good insight to explore the Himalayan peaks and valleys. Ralam Glacier also connects the cities of Bageshwar and Pithoragarh by various trekking trails and walking excursions.


Maheshwari Kund:  

Maheshwari Kund also known as Mehsar Kund is one of the most famous tourist landmarks in Munsiyari. Surrounded by a lineup of rhododendron shrubs, the fresh water Lake at Maheshwari Kund is an epitome of natural abundance and beauty. Maheshwari Kund attracts a large number of migratory birds in the summer season.



Betulidhar is one of the most beautiful natural locations in Munsiyari. Famous for its exotic Rhododendron shrugs, the Betulidhar region attracts nature lovers and travel enthusiasts alike. Betulidhar turns into an ideal skiing slope in the winter season attracting adventure tourists from all over the globe.


Thamari Kund: 

This is a beautiful natural lake surrounded by alpine trees and paper trees. Nature walks through the place spotting musk deers is a pleasant experience



Darkot is a rustic hamlet located 6kms from Munsiyari on the Madkot road. This is an ideal place to shop for traditional items like pashima shawls, sheepwool blankets etc. The place is full of old artistic houses representing the rich culture of the place.