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Top Attractions


Mall Road:

The Mall Road stretching from Library Bazaar at one end to the abandoned Picture Palace Cinema at the other is the life line of Mussoorie. Many entertainment centers, busy shops and buildings are located here. A stroll through the mall road which is lined with benches and lamp posts throws glimpses of the colonial period. The old Library building and the cemeteries clinging to the slopes, all adds to its loveliness.   


Kempty Falls:

Kempty waterfall is a great spot located 15 kms from Mussoorie town. Located at an altitude of 1,370 mts and surrounded by mountains, it offers not only a picturesque background but a feeling of being cocooned in the mountains. Get wet under the chilly sparkling waters or simply enjoy the moments where the only sound is the gushing of water.


Camel's Back Road:

This 3 km stretch from Kulri Bazaar to Library Bazaar is an ideal place for a leisurely walk. Exploring the nooks and corners of the street on a horse back will be a unique experience. The place is named after a huge rock here which has a semblance to a camel’s back. Strolling through the street during mornings and evenings will be refreshing as the sun peeps with its mild rays between the snow capped mountains.


Lake Mist:

Lake Mist is a newly developed picnic spot with boating facilities. Many hotels and restaurants have mushroomed here. It is located 5 kms before the Kempty Falls on the Mussoorie-Kempty Road. The place with many small waterfalls around is known as the “gem in the queen of hills”.


Company Garden:

This garden located at a 3km walk from Mussoorie town centre is another popular picnic spot in Mussoorie. This vast stretch of beautiful garden houses an artificial lake here. The spot is famous for boating and water sports. There are several restaurants and curio shops nearby to keep you busy. Photo galleries here rent out traditional costumes for a click.


Mussoorie Lake:

This is another recently developed project in Mussoorie. It offers spectacular views of the Doon Valley and several small villages on the Mussoorie- Dehradun highway. Boating here amidst picturesque landscape is a great experience.


Bhatta Falls:

If crowded places are not your thing but still you don’t want to miss out a waterfall, this place is for you. Bhatta Falls is 7 kms from Mussoorie on the Mussoorie-Dehradun Road. A separately developed pond here is an ideal less crowded picnic spot. Exploring the place on foot is also a great idea.


Cloud's End:

Cloud’s End is a bungalow built in the 1830s, located at the edge of a stunning cliff. This is a converted to a heritage resort now and is located at the western end of Mussoorie, 8 kms from the Library. It is surrounded by dense forests and also offers a fine view of many snow-covered peaks and rivers.


Gun Hill:

Gun Hill is the second highest peak of Mussoorie. An exciting ropeway ride to the place enjoying the picturesque scenery around is a must do in Mussoorie.


Jwalaji Temple:

This temple is 9 kms West to Mussorie town at an altitude of 2240 meters on Benog Hill. The scenery around from the temple with the Aglar river is stunning.


Lal Tibba:

Lal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie and a great sight seeing spot. Sightseeing through a telescope mounted on a 20 meter tall tower located on the edge of a cliff is also a great experience. A good number of tourists come here for watching sunset.


Kulri Bazaar:

Kurli Bazaar is a busy shopping spot in Mussoorie. The bazaars here are famous for their handicrafts and textiles sold at reasonable prices. The place is also lined by with many restaurants and local eateries.