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Top Attractions


Nagarjunasagar Dam:

Nagarjunasagar Dam is the best known landmarks of Nagarjunakoda attracting a large number of tourists. Having the distinction of being the tallest masonry dam in the world, the Nagarjunasagar Dam built over Krishna River generates hydel power to a large part of Andhra Pradesh. Nagarjunasagar Dam has in its vicinity one a picturesque man-made Lake known as the Nagarjunasagar Lake. The Island attracts a large number of historians and art lovers to witness the remains of Buddhist relics reconstructed on the Island to attract tourists. The site has a 14th-century fort, medieval temples and a museum constructed like a Buddhist vihara.


Island Museum of Nagarjunakonda:  

Island Museum of Nagarjunakonda also known as the Nagarjunasagar museum is one of the prime attractions of Nagarjunakonda region. The Island Museum as the name suggests is located on the Island near the Nagarjunasagar Dam making it one of the most picturesque locations. Built in the shape of a Buddhist Vihara or complex, the Nagarjunasagar museum houses many rare artifacts and relics of the ancient 14th century Buddhist Empire. Named after the famous Buddhist monk Nagarjuna, the Nagarjunasagar museum attracts a large number of religious students, art lovers and history enthusiasts. A tooth and an ear-ring, believed to be of Lord Buddha himself is one of the prime attractions of the museum. A semi ruined monolithic statue of Lord Buddha is considered to be one of its kinds in the world attracting a large number of tourists. Regular boat and ferry services are available to reach the Nagarjunakonda museum. Ferry services from Nagarjuna Sagar Dam take around one and a half hours to reach the island museum of Nagarjunakonda.


Ethipothala Falls:  

Ethipothala Falls located at a distance of 11 Kms from Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is one of the most beautiful natural locations of Nagarjunakonda region. Situated on the Chandravanka River, the Ethipothala Falls cascade down from a height on over 70 feet making it one of the magnificent natural waterfalls of Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh tourist department has created a strategic viewing location on an adjacent hill giving a great panoramic view of the mighty Ethipothala Falls to the tourists. The lagoon formed by the Ethipothala Falls is home to a crocodile breeding center attracting a large number of animal lovers.