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Top Attractions


Naldehra Golf Course:

The Golf Course of Naldehra is one of the oldest surviving Golf Courses in India. Maintained by the Himachal tourism department, the Naldehra Golf Course was built in the year 1920 as a 9-hole Golf Course. The Golf Course is famous for being an active course with various domestic and international tournaments being conducted at regular intervals. The 9-hole championship of the Naldehra golf course is considered to be at par with the 3791 Yardage. The golf course remains open from April to November attracting a large number of sports enthusiasts and golf lovers.



Tattapani located at a distance of around 30 Kms from Naldehra is one of the best known tourist destinations in the region. Famous for its hot water sulphurous springs, Tattapani receives a large number of visitors. The springs are located at an elevation of 655 meters above sea level making them one of the most beautiful hot water springs in India. Situated on the banks of River Sutlej, Tattapani also attracts a large number of adventure tourists to enjoy rafting and other water sport excursions. The hot water springs at Tattapani provide magical relief from those suffering with joint pains and allied skin diseases.


Kogi Mata Temple:

Kogi Mata Temple located in the Kogi village of Naldehra is one of the most important religious shrines of the region. Dedicated to Kogi Mata or Goddess Kogi, the Kogi Mata Temple is built in traditional Himachali style of architecture. The main shrine is surrounded by a large number of traditional village houses with the seat of the elders or chowka showcased in wood. The Kogi Mata Temple attracts a large number of spiritual seekers and tourists all through the year.



Chabba is a scenic Himachali village located at a distance of 18 Kms from Naldehra town. Famous as being the central hub to the rafting escapades between the old hydroelectric power plant and Tattapani, Chabba attracts a large number of adventure lovers. Chabba has a number of trained and certified rafting instructors helping out first time rafting enthusiasts. The rafting season in Chabba runs from May to June and then again between September and October while closing down for the winter season.


Mahakali Temple:

The Mahakali Temple is one of the most important religious shrines of Naldehra region attracting pilgrims from far and wide. Dedicated to Goddess Kali, the Mahakali Temple is located on the banks of Mahakali Lake between Sano and Gudial regions of the Chamba district. 


Mahunag Temple:

Mahunag Temple is arguably the most famous religion landmarks of Naldehra region. Located amid the Naldehra golf course, the Mahunag Temple is dedicated to Lord Karna also known as Lord Mahanag. Situated at a distance of 1830 meters above sea level amid the lush green golf course with magnificent peaks all around, Mahunag Temple is famous for being the center of legal disputes between villagers of the region. Built in 1664 by Raja Shyam Sen, the temple is built in Paharai style of architecture. An annual festival is held on the occasion of Sankranti attracting a large number of devotees.


Shaily Peak:

Shaily Peak is a popular trekking paradise attracting a large number of tourists and nature lovers. Located at a distance of 23 Kms from Naldehra city center, Shaily Peak offers magnificent trekking trails, lush green valleys and picturesque mountain ranges making it one of the best scenic locations of Himachal Pradesh. Located near the Mahakali Lake region, Shaily Peak has a steep peak covered with dense forests and rocky trail making it a tough but enjoyable trekking excursion for the tourists.