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Top Attractions


Doddabeta Peak:

This is the highest known peak in the area at a height of over 2,623 metres. The Doddabeta Peak is hardly 10 km away from the suburbs. Both the hillock as well as the adjoining valley are extremely picturesque and provide an ideal setting for capturing nature in all its glory. It is also a photographer’s paradise to click great pics of the Mysore hills and the open plains which is visible from here.


Holy Trinity Church:

One of the oldest landmarks in the city, the Holy Trinity Church is a major cultural representation of Ooty. The design of the Church is Tudor style with stained glass windows, detailed carvings and solitary cemeteries. The Church gained recognition back in 1858 and has been a site for holy sojourn ever since.


Thread Garden:

This popular site displays some of the most delicate collection of artificial plants and flowers, made by the skilled artists by using thread. This is a unique attraction and boasts of over 150 different kinds of artificially made flowers. It has been made by 50 workers working through out for 12years using approx. 6 crore meters of thread.


Marlimun Lake:

This beautiful lake with its clean environment is perfect for a family outing. Boating is the main activity here. There are different types of boats available right from house boats to open boats. The lake with its natural fountains and waterfalls is very charming.


Stone House:

Built by John Sullivan in the year 1822, Stone House is the first bungalow erected in the town of Ooty. The land was bought from the Todas in exchange of one rupee per acre. Called ‘Kal Bangala’ by the tribals, the building acts as the official residence for the principal of the Government Arts College in Ooty at present.


Ooty Rose Gardens:

The heart and soul of the hill station of Ooty, the Rose Garden is the site of the best flower show of the country. The garden has the highest amount of rose production in the country. Many special kinds and hybrid roses are grown.


Kamraj Sagar:

Located in the suburbs of Ooty, Kamraj Sagar Lake is one of the most popular picnic spots in Ooty, especially for boating and fishing. It is a dam surrounded by the lush greenery. Many types of herbs and shrubs are around the place. Due to its breathtaking beauty, the site has served as the shoot location for many movies.


Wax World:

Situated on Ooty – Conoor road, Wax World is a wax museum in a 142 year-old bungalow, housing many life-sized look-alike statues of many renowned personalities throughout the history, heritage and culture of India.


St. Stephen’s Church:

One of the best known examples of Gothic architecture in Ooty, the St. Stephen Church is a great gathering place in Ooty. The church is carved out of wood and with a cool and peaceful interior.


Ooty Botanical Garden:

The Botanical Garden at Ooty, located on a hillock, is one among the best gardens in India. Covering a sprawling area of 50 acres along the Doddabeta Peak, the garden is maintained by the government and the Horticulture department. Many rare species of trees and plants can be seen here.


Mukerti National Park:

Located in the southern part of the Nilgiris, the Mukerti National Park is a dwelling place of many animals. Several measures have been adopted by the government to conserve the wildlife of the region. Mukerti Lake was set up a part of the park and birds. Boating in the lake is the main attraction to spot the wild life, especially the Nilgiri Thar,barking deer, otters, jackals, jungle cats and sambhars. The area is also home to many varieties of butterflies.


Ooty Lake:

This L-shaped lake is located at the heart of the region. Ideal for boating in summer, Ooty Lake serves as the site for many boat races. The lake remains overcrowded during peak tourist season. There is also a children’s park near to it.


Tiger Hill:

Tiger Hill is one of the most breathtaking places in Ooty. This stunning spot is situated to the east of the hill station at a distance of 16km from the town, towards the lower Doddabeta. The spot is perfect for trekking. There is a cave close to Tiger Hill which is connected to many religious legends.


Sanctuary Avalanche:

Located in the Nilgiri Hills, about 67 km away from the city of Ooty, the Sanctuary Avalanche is a wildlife sanctuary which was set up for protecting a variety of wild life. Many rare species which are on the verge of extinction can be spotted here.


Bellikkal Lake:

This lake too is very scenic offering great views to the visitors. Fishing is not permitted in this lake as it is a popular watering hole for many different wild animals. Elephants, deers, bisons, bears and tigers can be spotted in the area. Hundreds of bird species including drongos, woodpeckers, shrikes, bulbuls and morning doves are frequent in this watering hole.



Bison Valley:

Close to Bellikkal Lake, this beautiful placeis surrounded bycardamom forests. A wide variety of wildlife exists here. It’s a lovely place to take leisurely walks as there are several pathways meandering. It is also ideal for activities like mountain biking, trekking and bird watching.


Mukurti Peak:

This peak which is 20 kms from Ooty towards the in the southern plains of Kerala is a great spot to enjoy the beauty of nature. Being at a height of 2553 kms it is a great spot for trekkers as well. The several small huts lining the place is meant for a halt to enjoy sunrise and sun set.