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Top Attractions



Situated on the banks of River Krishna, the small city of Wai is a popular tourist destination in Panchgani region. Famous for its seven unique Ghats with temples galore, Wai is an epitome of religious and natural richness. Located at a stone throws distance from the magnificent Pandavgadh Fort, Wai has a number of pristine waterfalls and ponds located amid the magnificent hills and plateaus making it one of the most visited tourist destinations.


Kamalgad Fort:

Kamalgad Fort located at an elevation of 4,522 feet is one of the most significant historic landmarks of Panchgani region. Located at a stone throw distance from Kenjalgad, Kamalgad Fort attracts a large number of tourists, historians and photography lovers. The Fort is famous for offering a serene panoramic view of Panchgani town and its surrounding hillocks and valleys making it one of the most highly visited tourist attractions in the city.



Serbaug is one of the most diversely designed natural landscapes attracting a large number of tourists and nature lovers. Home to varied species of birds and animals, Serbaug is home to rabbits, swans and turkeys. Serbaug also has a pristine rose garden and a children's entertainment park attracting locals as well as tourists. Serbaug offers creative workshops for children to enhance their artistic skills at regular intervals.


Parsi Point:

Parsi point once a favorite hangout of the Parsi community in Panchgani is one of the most beautiful natural landmarks of the city. The point offers a clear view of the Dhom Dam backwaters amid the lush green Krishna valley attracting tourists, nature lovers and photography enthusiasts all through the year.


Rajpuri Caves:

Rajpuri Caves is arguably one of the most well known historic landmarks of Panchgani. The caves attract a large number of tourists, nature lovers and religious travelers. Believed to be used by Lord Kartikeya to conduct various religious rituals, the caves are also believed to have been home to the Pandavas during their exile period. Rajpuri Caves is surrounded by many water ponds or kunds attracting religious tourists to worship and take a holy dip in the kunds. Rajpuri Caves are interconnected by underground tunnels. The famous temple of Lord Kartikeya located near the Rajpuri Caves is also a prominent tourist attraction of the region.


Table Land:

Table Land is the highest point of Panchgani located at an elevation of 4550 feet above sea level. Believed to be Asia’s second longest mountain plateau, Table Land offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and lush green Krishna valley. Table Land attracts a large number of tourists and photography enthusiasts to capture the breathtaking scenic landmarks. The histoic Rajpuri caves are also visible from Table Land. Table Land receives a large influx of tourists and the plateau has a vast range of recreational and entertainment options for the tourists including food stalls and video gaming counters.


Lord Karthikeya Temple:

Lord Karthikeya temple located near the Rajpuri caves is one of the most famous religious shrines of Panchgani. Dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, the temple is believed to have been built by the Pandava kings during their exile in Rajpuri caves. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. The annual festival of Thaipooyam celebrated in January is the most famous religious festival celebrated with great pomp and show at the Kartikeya temple.