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Top Attractions


The Cellular Jail

This great monument of Indian freedom struggle is located in the middle of Port Blair. The unique aspect of this jail is that it has singular cells for solitary confinement. This jail was specifically meant to punish people who were part of the freedom movement with harsh conditions. The execution room, the lonely cells etc here depict many stories of brutalities of the colonists. This later became the symbol of political oppression and gave an impetus to the Indian freedom struggle. Every evening there will be a spectacular light and sound show at this monument bringing alive some significant moments of the historical events happened in the jail. The museum and gallery located here also is worth visiting.


Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a unique marine park that draws visitors from all over the world. Situated around 29 kms from Port Blair, the park covers an area of around 280 kilometers and has 15 islands with many open creeks. It is a great experience to dive into the pristine and clear waters here by snorkelling and scuba diving. Get a close look in the underwater for seaweeds and the exotic marine life. This park is also home to the most unique coral islands and sea turtles.


The park will be closed on Mondays.


Havelock Island

This is the most visited of the islands in Port Blair and is famous for its quiet and leisurely pace of life on the stunning beaches. For the water sport enthusiasts, this place is has several options like sunbathing, swimming, para sailing, beach camping and snorkelling.


Corbyn’s Cove and Chidiya Tapu

The Corbyn’s cove has a very calm and unspoiled soft sandy beach. The beach with its magical backgrounds of coconut palms and a murmuring sea is an invitation to paradise. For those who love sunsets, the place Chidiya Tapu point is not to be missed.


Ross Island

Ross Island is famous for its quaint colonial feel. It has the famous Presbyterian Church that is more than 100 years old with Italian stained glass windows. Ross Island has a unique Navy museum “Smritka” and a peaceful boating experience.


Mount Harriet

Mount Harriet is the second highest Peak in Andamans and the highest point in Port Blair. It was once the summer headquarters of the British. This mount being the highest point in Port Blair is ideal for adventurous trekkers. The most scenic part of Mount Harriet is the Forest Guest House which is a distance of about 55 kilometres from Port Blair. At an elevation of the 355 m from sea level, it offers a great scenic view and sublime moments with excellent sunrises and sunsets.


The Anthropological Museum

The Anthropological Museum provides a thorough and insightful peek into the lifestyles of the original tribes of this island. Children and grownups can see the intricate geometric etches on the Jarawa Chest guard, the ancient tool and clothes of these tribes. A special treat is the collection of the rare photographs of the original inhabitants of the island


The Barren Island

The Barren Island is situated 300 m above mean sea level and which has a singular active volcano in South Asia, not far from Port Blair. The most exciting part of this trip is the walk on the face of the volcano.


Madhuban and Saddle Peak Trek

The 75 kilometre Madhuban trek is great trek for looking at unique birds and butterflies especially those who love their photography. For the even more adventurous there is the Saddle Peak trek which is the highest point in Andaman.


Andaman Water Sports Complex

 This is a unique water sports complex with an array of adventurous activities. Sail boats, rowing boats, water scooters, para sailing, kayaks, paddle boats, and water skiing facilities are available here.


Gandhi Park

A beautiful monument depicting an episode in Indian freedom struggle, the Gandhi Park is a must visit in Port Blair. There is a children’s park, bird-park, beautiful gardens and lakes making it a family entertainment zone. There is a Japanese Temple and a bunker which was built during World War II.


Science Centre

The Science Centre is another must visit in Port Blair.  Located at Corbyn’s Cove Road in Port Blair, it depicts the science behind the functioning of Oceans, formation of corals, climatic changes, life in ocean etc.