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Top Attractions


Bhimkali Temple:

Bhimakali Temple is by far the most significant religious shrines in Sarahan region. Dedicated to mother goddess Bhimakali, the temple is one of the 51 shakti peethas attracting a large number of pilgrims from all over India. Situated at an elevation of 2150 meters above sea level, Bhimakali temple is famous for its pristine architecture and wealth of wood carvings. Bhimakali temple is considered to be built in a perfect blend of ancients Hindu and Buddhist styles of architecture.  Bhimakali temple complex includes other temples such as Narsingh shrine of Bhairon and Lord Raghunath. Bhimakali Temple attracts pilgrims and devotees from all over Himachal Pradesh and India during the nine day navratri festival.


Bhaba Valley:

Bhaba Valley offering panoramic landscapes is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sarahan. Located at a distance of 50 Kms from Sarahan city center, Bhaba Valley is a beautiful valley located along the Bhabha River. Bhaba Valley is famous for its beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding Himalayan peaks and lush green meadows and valleys. Bhaba Valley attracts a large number of tourists and nature lovers alike.


Sarahan Pheasantry:  

Sarahan Pheasantry is a famous breeding center located at a stone throws distance from the Bhimakali temple complex. Sarahan Pheasantry is a collection of different pheasantry acting as breeding and care center for various species of birds. Monal, the state bird of Himachal Pradesh is also kept at the Sarahan Pheasantry allowing for its complete physical care and breeding process. Sarahan Pheasantry attracts a large number of tourists and bird lovers.


Bird Park: 

This is a breeding centre located close to the temple complex. Himachal’s State bird Monal is the main attraction here.



This picturesque and rustic place is about 37 Km from Sarahan. It is a must visit place during your trip to Sarahan.


Located at a distance of 20 Km from Sarahan, this place is famous for its hot springs. 

Darang Ghati: 

This is a beautiful valley with an amazing landscape located close to Sarahan