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Top Attractions


Pala Manor:

Pala Manor is the best preserved manor belonging to a slaveholder family in the region of Tibet. The manor provides tourists with a sneak peek into the lifestyle of the native rich farmer family who resided in there years back. Pala, a Bhutanese chief, was the previous owner of the manor. The Pala Manor is now an important tourist attraction. It consists of 57 houses spread across an estate of almost 5000 sq. m. The main building is a three storied one, richly adorned with beautifully painted rafters and carved beams. There is a sutra hall within the building along with a bedroom, a drawing room and a special hall meant for playing mahjong. Exhibits here include specimens of rare dishware, wines, food and extremely costly fur garment. Several shrines dedicated to the Buddha and sutra books in perfect condition are exhibited at the manor.


Tashilhunpo Monastery:

Situated on the southern slope of Nyima Mountain to the west of the city of Shigatse, Tashilhunpo Monastery is the biggest monastery belonging to the Gelugpa sect and is also among the six largest Gelugpa monasteries present in China. Constructed in the year 1477 by the first Dalai Lama, the monastery is the seat of Panchen Lama. Tashilhunpo Monastery consists of 57 chapels as well as 3600 rooms. Almost 4000 monks were present in the monastery at one point of time, out of which only 600 remain now. The monastery is built in Tibetan style and crowned with a golden roof. There is a 26 metre tall figure of the Maitreya Buddha, cast from copper and gold, making it the largest copper statue of the Buddha in the world. This statue is richly decorated with jewels and gems. The golden roofs and vermillion walls of the monastery is very appealing. The Buddha Unveiling Festival and Sorcerer's DanceFestival here gathers huge crowds and tourists to the monastery.  


Mt. Everest:

Mt. Everest, known as Qomolangma (‘the peak of goddess’) by the Tibetans, is the world’s highest mountain. The mountain attracts mountaineers from all over the world. In recent times, many adventurous mountaineers come here for attempts to conquer the highest mountain peak in the world. Several tourists trek at the foot of the peak to experience the natural beauty. The area has been developed into a national natural reserve for the protection of several species of wild animals and plants. The highest temple in the world, Rongbuk Monastery, is situated at the foot of Mt. Everest. With an elevation of 5000 m, the Rongbuk Monastery is the ideal point to view the scenery of the region. The Rongbuk Glacier is one of the largest in the area.


Dzong Fortress:

The Dzong Fortress is located at Dzong Hill in the middle of Shigatse city and Gyantse. This 15th century structure has a unique architecture and the Red Palace is located in its centre. It is also known as Shigatse Dzong. The design of the fortress is magnificient, with large exterior walls, enclosing a complex of temples, courtyards, administrative offices, temples and accommodations for monks. The strong line of defense here against the British in the year 1904 bestowed it the title “Hero Site” There is also a monument to commemorate the event erected in the fortress.


Shalu Monastery:

Located 22 kms from Shigatse, Shalu Monastery holds an important place in the history of Tibet. The monastery houses four treasures of great value. The structure is a perfect blend of Han and Tibetan architecture.


Panchen Lama's Palace:

Located in the southwest of Shigatse this palace holds several Tibetian art works and historical relics of the country. The architectural of the palace is magnificent and the atmosphere is very peaceful so as to attract any visitors.


Sakya Monastery:  

This monastery is specially noted for its huge collection of Buddhist murals. This will be an ideal stop for art loving travellers.


Zhangmu Town:

This place is known for its natural beauty and breathtaking scenery surrounded by snow capped mountains, sparkling rivers, lush pines and several blooming flowers.