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Top Attractions


Sunderbans National Park:

Sunderbans National Park declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1987 is one of the most well known tourist landmarks in Sunderbans. Sunderbans National Park is one of the largest biosphere reserves in the world along with being the lading mangrove forest. Sunderbans National Park has a wide range of flora and trees making it home for some of the very rare varieties of trees including Sundari, Genwa , Goran and Passur. Sunderbans National Park is home to more than 400 tigers making it one of the largest collections of tigers in a dedicated region. The royal Bengal tigers found in Sunderbans National Park are known to exhibit man eating tendencies believed to have been developed by swimming constantly in saline waters of the reserve. Sunderbans National Park attracts a large number of migratory birds in the winter season from as far as Trans Siberia. Some of the rare bird varieties found in the Sunderbans National Park include black capped Kingfisher and common woodshrike. Sunderbans National Park attracts a large number of tourists, nature lovers and adventure travelers alike.



Katka is one of the most famous bases in the Sunderbans region to spot tigers and birds. Katka is also the starting point for a number of trekking excursions in the Kachikhali trekking trails attracting a large number of adventure tourists. Nature lovers throng to Katka to witness the natural scenic locations and spot various rare varieties of birds and animals of the Sunderbans National park.


Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary:

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary located adjacent to the Sunderbans national park is one of the most famous bird sanctuaries of the region. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary has a wide variety of exotic and rare birds in its vicinity including some of the migratory birds from the Trans Siberian region. The varieties of birds flocking at the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary include the Lap wings, Sea Eagles, Kingfishers and Whimbrels amid other. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary also has a mangrove interpretation center attracting a large number of tourists, science enthusiasts and photography lovers alike.


Tin Kona Island:

Tin Kona Island meaning the three cornered Island is one of the most well known geographical landmarks of Sunderbans. Tin Kona Island attracts a large number of tourists and nature lovers to witness the dense forest cover. Three cornered Island has a large number of deer’s and royal Bengal tigers in its vicinity.


Dublar Char Island:

Dublar Char Islands part of the Bay of Bengal region is one of the most widely visited tourist landmarks in the Sunderbans. Famous for its fishing excursions amid a wide variety of fresh water fish, Dublar Char Island attracts tourists and fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. Dublar Char Island has a lush green forest cover famous for housing some of the wonderful Sunderbans deer attracting animal lovers and photography enthusiasts.


Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower:

Sajnekhali Watch Tower is a popular tourist landmark used extensively for visitors and tourists to catch the glimpse of rare birds and animals of the Sunderbans national Park. Sajnekhali Watch Tower also houses an ancient Bonobibi temple attracting a number of historians and photography enthusiasts.


Hiran Point:

Hiran point also known as Nilkamal located in the southern region of Sunderbans, is one of the famous tourist attractions. Blived to be one of the best known points to catch the glimpse of Royal Bengal Tigers and deer’s of the Sunderbans in their natural habitat, Hiran Point is surrounded by water bodies on three sides. Hiran point offers tourists boarding and lodging facilities at the Mongla Port Authority rest house.


Lothian Island Bird Sanctuary:  

Lothian Island Bird Sanctuary is another famous tourist attraction of the Sunderbans region famous for its lovely collection of regular as well as migratory birds. From the black capped Kingfisher to the Whimbrel and Curlew, Lothian Island Bird Sanctuary is home to many rare varieties of birds. Lothian Island Bird Sanctuary attracts a large number of tourists, nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.


Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project:

This is home to the biggest estuarine crocodiles in the country. It houses a hatchery and a sanctuary.



The beautiful mangrove forests and wildlife populace is the main attractions here. There is also a 400-year-old temple in ruins, but very attrcative 

Halliday Island:

Halliday Island lying to the south of Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, is an ideal wild life as well as bird watcher’s paradise


The shallow waters and beaches here is popular as it is home for Olive Ridley Turtles in Sunderban. It is said that these turtles travel upriver a distance of about 100 km from the sea mouth into the Sunderban.