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Top Attractions


Tawang War Memorial:

This multicolored memorial built in the form of a stupa has a height of 40 foot. Constructed in the honor of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Sino-India War of 1962, the Tawang War memorial is situated in the midst of beautiful peaks, facing the valley of Tawang-Chu valley. This memorial houses the names of 2,420 martyrs are imprinted in golden letters on black granite. Also known as Namgyal Chorten, the memorial consists of two memorial halls. One hall houses personal belongings of the dead soldiers and the other holds light and sound exhibitions, portraying the gallant feats of the martyrs. The sanctification of the whole site was done by Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama has furthermore sent statues of Arya Avlokiteshwara and Lord Buddha as well as the Holy Scriptures and idols of Lord Buddha and Arya Avlokiteshwara were also sent by Dalai Lama to this memorial.


Tawang Monastery:

Mostly recognized as the Golden Namgyal Lhatse, this monastery is among the biggest of those erected by the Mahayana followers. Dating back to 400 years and 3000 meters in height, this monastery is the next oldest one after the Lhasa monastery. This monastery was built in the 17th century by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso as per the wishes of Dalai Lama the fifth. A shrine as well as a statuette of Lord Buddha is housed in this monastery Torgva festival, held in the 11th month of the Monpa calendar, is celebrated here.


Bap Teng Kang Waterfall:

The height of the Bap Teng Kang Waterfall is 100 ft and it is situated around 82 km away from Tawang, on the path leading to Zeminthang. The waterfall is a great favorite among nearby travelers because of its tranquil ambience. It is also a well-liked picnic spot, where a number of people gather to celebrate their weekends through playing and swimming in the sparkling lucid waters of the waterfall.


Sela Pass:

Standing as tall as 13,714 ft, the Sela Pass is among the most favorite tourist destinations in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Its beautiful atmosphere enhanced by the snowfall in the winter season, make many travelers claim it as a paradise on earth. Lying adjacent to the pass is another beautiful lake, called the Paradise Lake.


Pangang Teng Tso Lake:

The Pangang Teng Tso Lake is among the most renowned lakes of Arunachal Pradesh and is situated approximately 18 kilometer from the town of Tawang. Alternatively called as P.T. Tso Lake, the lake serves as a magnificent picnic spot. The lake offers a fabulous view in the winter season when it is mostly filled with snow.


Gorichen Peak:

This peak is the highest one in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is positioned amid West Kameng and Tawang districts. Adjoining China, this peak is 22,500 feet high. Better recognized as Sa-Nga Phu, meaning the Empire of Deity, this peak is situated 164 kilometer away from Tawang. People belonging to the Monpa clan deem this peak to be very sacred possessing the capability to ward off all evil. The peak is a favorite haunt for lovers of mountaineering and trekking, the ideal months for these activities being from April to May and from September to October.


Tipi Orchid Sanctuary:

This beautiful sanctuary is a must visit in Tawang.The sanctuary houses more than 600 species of orchids including the rare "Ladies Sleeper". Carrying this orchid outside Arunachal Pardesh is strictly prohibited.



The rare "Ladies Sleeper" is a native species of the place and it is prohibited to carry this orchard outside Arunachal Pradesh.