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Top Attractions


Vijayanagar Fort:

This fort is located about 2 km to the north east of the Brahadeeswara. The fort was built by Nayaks and partly by Maratha rulers during the early 1550 AD. The fort houses the magnificient Tanjore Palace, Sangeetha Mahal and Saraswathi Mahal Library. The art gallery here houses a beautiful and unparallelled collection of sculptures and paintings.


Siva Ganga Garden:

The Siva Ganga Garden is a park located close to Tanjore palace Brahadeshwara Temple. This garden houses a vast variety of blooming plants and is home to several varieties of birds and butterflies. It is indeed a nature lover’s paradise.


Alangudi Temple:

This temple is the abode of Lord Guru and it is believed that Lord Shiva consumed the deadly poison Alavisham here. The temple got its name accordingly. The temple is the house of deity facing the South direction as he is the Lord of Dhanusu and Meena Rasi.  The temple celebrates important festivals like Guru Payirchi, Chitra Pournami, Tai Poosam and Panguni Utharam which are visual treats.


Brahadeshwara Temple:

This temple was built by Chola emperor Raja Chola and is known for its artistic sculptures. This temple was believed to be built by the legendary ancient architects like Kunjaramalian and Raja Perunthachan. The temple is a gallery of the ancient Indian architectural brilliance and is a favorite pilgrimage spot for many visitors here. The Anaicut River flowing through its side enhances the serenity of the place. The temple’s uniqueness also owes to its 216 feet tall tower and a gigantic Nandi sculpture.


Chandra Bagawan Temple:

Also known as The Moon Temple, it is the second important Navagraha temple (temple of nine planets) situated close to Thanjavur town. The temple is visited by many devotees in and around Tamilnadu with a belief that paying tributes to Moon God will wipe away some bad effects in their horoscope.


Lord Murugan Temple:

Located 5 kilometers to the west of Kumbakonam on the banks of river Cauvery, this temple is famous for its festivals Monthly Kiruthikai festival, Temple Car festival, Tai Pusam festival, Navaratri festival and Skanda Shasthi festival. Several tourists visit Thanjavur to witness the interesting traditions and cultural events taking place along with the festivals.


Schwartz Church:

Located in the Thanjavur palace garden and built by the Chola kings, this is a perfect example of secularism. The Chola kings built this church for his affection to the Danish missionaries.


Thirumananjeri Temple:

Located at Kuthalam, a small town in Thanjavur district, the temple and its surroundings are famous especially for its rustic charm. It is believed that the wedding of Lord Shiva took place here and for the same reasons, couples come here to pray for a long lasting and happy married life.


Vellai Puliar Temple:

This temple is located in the town of Thanjavur and is known for its majestic art works and sculptures.  Taking a tour in and around the temple is a treat for the eyes.


Thiruvanajozhi temple:

This temple is situated in the suburbs of Thanjavur and is very important for its artistic and sculptural marvels.  The stones inscriptions on the walls here make it a favourite destination of history lovers who believes that a university existed here in the ancient times. Classical dance and music performances are held here throughout the year.