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Top Attractions


Boat Cruises:

Boat cruises in River Periyar and the lake here is the most common and recommended way for enjoying every bit of the land’s wild beauty. A winding cruise through the enclosures of rolling hills draped in lush greenery will leave you mesmerized as the wild natural beauty around gets unfolded. 

Kerala Tourism Department is offering boat trips here.


Timings: Every two hours starting from 7:00am to 4:00pm.  For Bookings, contact: The Forest Department (Tel:91-486-322028) , Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (Tel: 91-486-322023)


Elephant Rides:

Sit majestically on the top of this giant animal and have a fine view of the park, the spice plantations and tribal settlements. The Forest Department, Thekkady offers facilities for elephant rides through the jungle. 


Time: 1000 - 1700 hrs.  Duration: 30 Minutes. 


Tickets are available from the Wildlife Information Counter.  Tel:91-486-322028



The prominent trekking areas in Thekkady are Kurisumala, Grampi, Pullumedu and Ottakathalamedu. Daily treks from the boat landing station at Thekkady to the Nellikkampetty area and Manakkavala is arranged by the Forest Department. Local tribal guides will assist you throughout the day.


The forest department organise treks which need to be booked earlier.


Booking can be made with the Wildlife Preservation Officer, Thekkady. Tel:91-486-322027, 322028


Trek starting time: 7:00am 


Plantation tours:

Indulge in a jeep safari, bullock cart ride or if you would love to walk, take long walks through the unending stretches of plantations here that waft the fresh aroma of cardamom, pepper, coffee and tea plantations. Travellers can have a glimpse of the tribal settlements and the surrounding hill regions.

Plantation tours are arranged from the District Tourism Information Office at Thekkady Junction. Contact: District Tourism Information Office. Tel:91-486-322620. 


Nature Walks / Forest Walks:

Nature walks through the green deciduous forests and muddy grasslands is an excellent way to feel the pristine land here. It is an excellent way to watch birds, butterflies and other wildlife closely.


Bamboo Rafting:

Go natural and adventurous! Choose a paddled bamboo raft instead of a boat for a wild experience. This alternative to boat trips can be booked from the Eco Tourism Centre.


Jungle Nights:

Adventure lovers can spend your night in a forest cottage or in a tree house. Enjoy evening walks around it and spend nights in the quietness of the jungle where the only sound is the cries of birds and animals.



Places to see

Periyar National Park:

Periyar National Park that spills over an area of about 777 km² is a thick ever green forest and home to an exotic wild life. It also houses an artificial lake which covers an area of 25sqkms with the waters of Kerala’s biggest dam- Mullaperiyar.  Periyar National Park is the only sanctuary in India where you can have unique experiences of wildlife at close quarters through boat cruise.



Murikkady is located about 5 kms from Thekkady and is famous for its spice and coffee plantations. Take a stroll in the cool air here enjoying the fresh aroma of Kerala spices. Curious travelers can gather first-hand knowledge about spice plantations from the farmers. You can also buy these farm fresh spices at a lesser rate from the local vendors.


Chellar Kovil:

Chellarkovil is a small village located in the outskirts of Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary and leads to Theni district of Tamil Nadu. Chellarkovil is a great holiday retreat with many enchanting hills and waterfalls. The place offers several eco tourism programmes.



This calm and salubrious spice tourism destination located about 13 km from Kumily on the Kumily-Munnar road is gaining much popularity. Here also you can enjoy trekking, nature walks, jeep safaris or even a bullock cart ride.


Mangala Devi Temple:

This is an old temple hidden in dense woods 1337 m above the sea level. This temple is located 15 kms from Thekkady and offers a spectacular view of Eastern Ghats and nearby Tamilnadu villages. The temple will be open only for a yearly festival, but tourists can experience the mysterious aura surrounding it with a permission letter from the forest ranger. (Tel: -91-486-322027).



Kumily is a small hill town located 4 kms from Thekkady in the Kerala-Tamilnadu border. Kumily is known as an important spice trade centre. The old and the charming markets here are famous among the tourists especially for its spices. Long nature walks among plantations, jeep safaris, trekking and boating are the activities awaiting you at Kumily.



Located 5 kms from Kumily, Pandikuzhy is a beautiful place with its innate greenness and many gurgling streams cradled between the Kerala-Tamilnadu borders. It offers trekking opportunities for adventure lovers and is also a photographer’s delight.



Located about 30 kms from Thekkady, this is one of the best cardamom auction centre in the world. A walk through the stretched plantations here itself is a great experience.



A winding journey to this hill town, passing many hills and lush greenery itself is a feast for eyes. Pullumedu is 43 kms from Thekkady and is a place with many rare flora and fauna. The famous Sree Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala is visible from here and in the month of January, the famous Makara Jyothi illumination of this shrine is visible from here.  As it is a restricted forest zone, special permission is required for a visit. Contact: Wildlife Preservation Officer, Thekkady Tel:+91- 486-322027 or the Range Officer, Vallakkadavu Tel: 91-486-352515