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Top Attractions


Vaigai Dam:  

Vaigai Dam built on the majestic River Vaigai near Andipatti is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Theni. The dam is at a height of 111 feet and is surrounded by serene and mystical sylvan gardens. The place is also known as ‘Little Brindavan’ due to its majestic surroundings. This is a picnic hotspot for bothe adventure loving tourists as well as families.



Mavoothu is known for the Vellappar Temple located in the Varushanad hill ranges nearly 20 kms from Andipatti. The temple is located at a peak and is surrounded by natural flora and fauna. The temple boasts of its beautiful surroundings with rich vegetation. The name Mavoothu comes from the Tamil world which means the spring of the mango groove. 



Devadanapatti is another religious destination in Theni district and is the seat of the Kamatchi Amman Temple situated on the banks of the Manjal River. The striking feature of the Kamatchi temple is that the doors to the sanctum sanctorum are never opened, and all the puja’s are offered only to the portals. There is a special puja performed in the evening which is accompanied by local musical instruments and is a stunning audio-visual sight.



If you are a lover of the Mango fruit, do not forget the visit the town of Periyakulam which is located just 16 Kms from Theni in the foothills of Kodaikkanal. Periyakulam mangoes are considered second only to Salem and are exported in large numbers. Owing to the close vicinity to Kodaikkanal, Periyakulam has a very pleasant climate virtually throughout the year.


Balasubramaniya Temple:

One of the important temples in Periyakulam is Arulmigu Balasubramanya Temple constructed by King Rajendra Chola nearly 2000 years ago. The temple has a unique idol of Lord Muruga with six faces seeming to pierce the earth and rising like a phoenix. The Balasubramaniya temple holds a very high religious significance especially for the devotees of Lord Muruga, who is seen here with his consorts and blesses the devotees.


Kumbakkarai Falls:  

Situated on the foothills of the Kodaikkanal hills, the Kumbakkarai Falls is a pristine jewel in the crown of Theni's tourist attractions. The Kumbakkarai Falls offer a breath taking view with gushing waters and solid rocks. Coupled with an equally impressive flora and fauna surrounding the waterfalls, Kumbakkarai falls is an exquisite sight offering natural beauty in its complete abundance.


Sothupparai Dam:

Sothupparai Dam located near Periyakulam is another tourist attraction in the Theni district. The dam built across the Varaha River not only offers supreme technological marvel of water storage but also acts as a wonderful picnic spot.


Gowmariamman Temple:  

The Gowmariamman Temple located in Veerapandi is just 8 Kms from Theni. It is a magnificent architectural marvel built in the early 14th century by the Pandya King Veerapandi. Legend has it that the Pandya Kind regained his vision by praying to Govmariyamman and Kanneeswaramudaiyar here.  The beautiful and serene Mullai River runs its course along the temple.



Kuchanur is famous for its temple devoted to Lord Saturn or Saneeswarar. Historically Saneeswaran in worshipped as Navagrahah (one among the nine planets), but in this temple, Lord Saturn is worshipped as prime deity. The Temple is located at Kuchanoor near Chinnamanur of Theni District on the bank of main channel of River Surabhi.



Uthamapalayam in Theni district holds very high religious significance owing to the two famous temples namely Sri Narasimha Swami temple and Sri Kaalahasthiishwara Swami temple devoted to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva respectively.  The temples not only offer an insight to the architectural and spiritual quotient but also lodge some nice paintings belonging to Naayakkar dynasty. 


Suruli Falls:  

The Suruli Falls are an evergreen round the year waterfalls with water falling from a height of 150 feet, offering a stunning sight of nature's unrefined and untamed exquisiteness. Facilities are available for men and women to bathe separately. A Dargah named after Abubacker Masthan is another important place of worship in Suruli.



The Megamalai hills located nearly 1500 meters above sea level offer nature’s richness and majesty in its most beautiful form. Meghamalai is considered to be one of the best places for Wild Life photography in Tamil Nadu due to its rich flora and fauna.