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Top Attractions


Rock Fort Temple or Ucchi Pillayar Temple, Rockfort:

This 7th century temple is located at the peak of an 83 m high rock. Tourists have to ascend 344 steps to reach the temple. The Uchipillaiyar Kovil which is an amazing rock structure is dedicated to Lord Vinayaka. There is a large tank within the premises of the rock fort which houses the famous float festival. The rock formations in this region contain quartz and feldspar which are used to manufacture glass. Ceramic can also be found here.


Sri Rangam Ranga Nathar Temple:

This temple belongs to the 14th century and is one of the most significant pilgrim centres in the district. The site is bounded by the Cauvery River and Kolladam with a tributary on both the sides. Various rulers have contributed to the process of construction of the temple like the Cholas, Pandyas, Cheras and Hoysalas. The gopuram on the south side is one of the biggest in South India and was completed in the year 1987. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Many festivals are celebrated in the temple in a grand manner. The museum present within the premises houses many valuables of historical importance.


Samayapuram Amman Temple:

Located 20kms from Trichy this temple dedicated to goddess Maariamman is worshipped for good health and prosperity. It is interesting to note that the localites believe that chicken pox and small pox are caused by the displeasure of maariamman and the diety has the powers to cure them. 



Located at a distance of 18 km away from the city, Mukkombu is a scenic picnic site. Locals flock to the site with their family to enjoy the holidays. Mukkombu boasts of different facilities like an amusement park, well-kept gardens and peaceful fishing spots. An added attraction is the Kolladam and the upper dam built across the River Cauvery. Boating is the region is a good pass time offering a pleasant diversion after the temple visits.


Kallanai Dam:

Built across the River Cauvery 2000 years ago, Kallanai Dam is among the oldest irrigation dams in the world. The Kallanai Dam diverts the flow of the waters of the River Cauvery for irrigation purposes towards the area of the Thanjavur Delta. The dam boasts of a strong foundation and firm structure. Kallanai Dam is still in excellent condition and is one of the most important dams for irrigation in Tamil Nadu. The dam served as a source of inspiration for Sir Arthur Cotton who modeled the Kollidam Dam after it.


St. Joseph’s Church:

One of the ancient churches in India, the St. Joseph’s Church is situated close to the centre of Trichy at Theppakulam. The church was used by the British and the campus houses St. Joseph’s High School and College. The college has garnered much international reputation for producing notable Indian personalities like former Indian Presidents, APJ Abdul Kalam and R. Venkataraman.


Vekkaliamman Temple:

This temple is unique as there is no roof above the presiding deity. There is an interesting legend behind this. Special prayer services are conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Puliyancholai falls:

One of the beautiful natural spots is one of the beautiful natural spots located in the foothills of Kollimalai about 72 km from Tiruchirapalli.