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Yungbulakang is a historical palace of Tibet built for the first Tibetian king. It is located at the top of the Tashi Tsirhi Mountain on the east bank of Yarlung Riverand offers a beautiful view of the plains below. The castle is located almost 9 km away from Tsedang town. The very first scriptures of Buddhism are said to be hidden in the palace. It was believed to be a summer palace and later converted to a Buddhist monastery.


Mindroling Monastery:

One of the six important monasteries of the Nyingma school of Tibet, Mindroling Monastery is situated close to Tsedang. The name of the place means “the place of perfect emancipation”. The monastery has served as a monastic university to Nyingma yogis and scholars from throughout the region of Tibet for almost 300 years. The university of Mindroling lays stress on the learnig of astronomy, calligraphy, Buddhist scriptures and traditional Tibetan medicine.


Trandruk Monastery:

The Trandruk Monastery is one of the earliest monasteries of Buddhism in the Tibetan region, dating back to the 7th century. The monastery is famous as one of the “Demoness subduing” temples. Throughout history, the Monastery of Trandruk has undergone a series of reconstructions and developments.


Yamdrok Lake:

The Yamdrok Lake is located close to Tsedang and is the biggest freshwater lake at the base of the Himalayan Mountains. The lake has the appearance of a coral due to its irregular shape with several short and curved streams leading into the nearby mountains. The lake is believed to be the female guardian of Buddhism in Tibet.


Samye Monastery:

The Samye Monastery is famous for being the first monastery associated with Buddhism established in Tibet. It dates back to the 8th century. The structure of the palace is a rare blend of Indian, Chinese and Tibetian architecture.

Trundruk Monastery:  

This monastery is also historically important being one among the earliest monasteries in Tibet. The pillars and worshiping halls of this monastery is designed in a unique style. It was later converted to a winter palace. 


Ambulakhang Palace:

This is the first palace in Tibet as per Tibetian history and was built by a legendary Tibetian king- Nyatri Tsedpo, who was believed as descended from heaven. This 5 storied structure offers a great view of the beautiful surrounding green valley. The palace was rebuilt 1982.

Chenpu meditation:

This is an excellent picturesque spot close to Samya Monastery offering a perfect peaceful ambience for a spiritual retreat.  It is located close to the holy lake of Buddhism- Larmulatso. It is believed that watching the image reflection in this Lake, clues and predictions on choosing the rein carlated boy of the Past Dalhai Lhama and Panchan Lhama can be made.


Changzhu Temple (Changdrok, Tradruk):

This is an oldest and famous Tibetian temple that dates back to the 7th century. The monastery houses a rare Tagks (Tibetian painting) made of 29,026 pearls, some precious stones and laden with gold. It is considered as world treasure. The architecture of the monastery is unique with copper castings and there are several interesting legends behind the construction of this monastery.