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Top Attractions


Kurisumala Hill and Ashram:

This is accounted as one of the pious place in Vagamon especially for Christians. Kurishu in Malayalam means the holy cross and Kurisumala means the mount with the holy cross. There is an ancient Catholic church located on the top of the beautiful and lush green Kurisumala hill and the way to Church has 14 crosses. At the eastern side of this hill Murugan Mala hill is located. There are plenty of tea gardens, spice gardens, and lush greenery located around. This is a famous pilgrim place of Christians as well as an exciting spot for trekking.


Kurisumala ashram is a well-known monastery which is also known as Cistercian Abbey. It was founded by Abbot Francis Acharya and Friar Bede Griffiths on 1958. The ashram maintain Gandhian concept in its modus operandi and also runs some Indian spiritual customs. The dairy farm maintained and run by monks is worth a visit for sure. The mountain, the ashram and the church have a pleasant and serene atmosphere. There is also an Indo Swiss dairy farm project here run by priests.


Thangal Hill:

Thangal Hill is a significant Muslim religious spot located near to Vagamon. This place houses the graveyard of Sufi saint, Sheikh Fariduddin. A unique rock formation here is considered sacred by Muslims. Beside religious significance, the green grassland, lush pine forest and far spread meadows are added natural attraction of this tiny spot. There is a huge cave on the slopes of this hill which is a thrilling trekking spot for adventure lovers. The suicide point, a V shaped Mooppan para near the hill is also worth visiting. The annual Uru festival here is a big crowd puller.


Mundakayam Ghat:

Mundakayam Ghat is a famous venue for bird watching. This place houses the world-famous yearly paragliding festival, which gets organized by ASSTA (Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy) of Kerala.



This hill is part of South India's second highest peak Amruthamedu and is an acclaimed paragliding spot in the world. This tourist spot is located within 10 km from the Vagamon Town. This  spot is equally famous for bird watching, rock climbing and  trekking also.


Murugan Mala:

This small hill is located at the east side of Kurisumala. The hill houses the temple of Lord Murugan. Located from 8 km distance from Vegamon, it is a famous religious place, which pilgrims never miss while touring at Kerala.


Pattumalai Church:

The Pattumalai Church of Mother Mary is also known as Velankanni Matha and it is a replica model of the famous Velankanni Church.


Vagamon Lake and Meadows:

The beautiful lake of Vagamon and the rolling green meadows is a favourite location of nature lovers. It is an ideal family picnic spot as well as a perfect retreat for relaxation.