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Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health :

Velankanni is famous for the Basilica of ‘Velankanni Matha’ or ‘Our Lady of Good Health’ which is believed to be constructed in 16th century. It is one of the most popular shrines of Mother Mary in India. This famous church was built by the Portuguese as a token of gratitude to Virgin Mary whom they believe had saved them from a cyclone. They built a tall shrine with a dome initially. They brought porcelain plates and other artifacts on their subsequent visits and adorned the roof and walls of the church. The church was given the status of a Parish in 1771 and a Basilica in 1969. The structure of the Bascilica with biblical inscriptions is marvelous and awe inspiring.


During the month of August and September millions of people visit the holy Basilica during the 10 days of festival. Since catholic believers from all parts of the country visit the church frequently masses are conducted in 8 languages every day including English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Konkani and Marathi.


Our Lady’s Tank:

It is believed that Virgin Mary appeared in Velankanni 3 times and the church was built after the 3rd incident. The place where Virgin Mary made her first appearance in now known as Our Lady’s Tank. It is believed that Virgin Mary appeared to Hindu Boy selling milk and asked for some milk for her baby. He readily gave some of the milk he was carrying. He went to his master and told the incident and apologized for not bringing the required quantity of milk. The master got curious and he took the boy to the same place where they both saw Virgin Mary and got wonder struck. They realized whom they were and the Catholic people in the town started worshipping the place where Virgin Mary appeared with her baby first.


Nadu Thittu: 

Virgin Mary appeared to a crippled boy and who offered her buttermilk. It is believed that the boy was cured immediately. The Catholics from Nagapattinam built a church in the place where Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared before the crippled boy. The place is now called Nadu Thittu.


Velankanni Beach:

Being a coastal town, Velankanni has beaches all around and most of the pilgrims love to enjoy the sunlit waters and picturesque beach side views.


Church Museum:

Precious offerings from various devotees are displayed in the church museum. These are updated periodically.



city is the nearest city to Velankanni and is very popular among the tourists since the city has historical importance also. It used to be a port that traded with Rome and Greece in the early years.


Poondi Church:

This is another famous Catholic Church situated about 100 kms from Velankanni. The church was built during between 1914 and 1918.