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Top Attractions


Warangal Fort

Warangal Fort is one of the notable attractions of this historic city and an excellent example of South Indian temple architecture.  The fort was built around 1199 A.D and its completion was during 1261 A.D. The Fort had four gigantic gateways following the Sanchi style, and the outer one is measured as the largest of its type in the country. The Fort is a marvel in terms of its architecture as well its sculpture and embossed pictures. Much of the fort is in ruins now but there is a lot for history and culture lovers here.


Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple is one of the oldest temples here devoted to Goddess Bhadrakali. It is located at the bank of Lake Bhadrakali and is believed to have constructed around 625 AD. The temple with its famous sculptured pillars is an architectural marvel. It is surrounded by natural rocks which add to the beauty of this pious place.


Padmakshi Temple

Padmakshi Temple is an ancient temple constructed during 12th century. The place is famous for its religious significance as well as for excellent architectural beauty. The quadrangular column positioned at the entry of the temple constructed with granite black is the focal point of its structural plan. This pillar is called Annakonda Pillar and is the result of a careful plan and execution.


The Thousand Pillared Temple

The Thousand Pillared Temple is a famous Hindu Temple where Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Surya are worshipped together. The Temple was built in 1163 A.D and got its name due to its 1000 pillar construction; all the pillars are found embossed with intricate carvings. The existence of the Hanumakonda hills in the backdrop has added to the beauty of the temple. A 6 feet tall Nandi Bull statue is placed at its entrance. This temple is built maintaining Kakatiyan style of architecture and it is one of the most notable temples in South India.


Pakhal Lake

Pakhal Lake is an artificial lake located in the midst of Pakhal sanctuary close to Warangal. It is one of the best picnic spots in Warangal.  It is anticipated that the lake was constructed during 1213 A.D by the Kakatiya King Ganapathidev, encompassing an area of around 30 square kilometers. A wonderful wide and a serene isolation at nature’s abode have made this place a beautiful place to spend some time.  The lake is located within a beautiful hilly terrain amidst thick, green forests. The Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary close to the lake houses several wide and rare variety of flora and fauna. Animals like Panthers, crocodiles, monitor lizards, sloth bears, pythons and wolves are seen here.


Kakatiya Rock Garden

Rock Garden attracts huge tourists as it is a beautiful spot for relaxing. Rock structures of deer, giraffes, lions, sambars, and antelopes are maintained in the garden. This amazing garden houses lots of flowers including lilies, roses and a number of trees. This garden also enjoys huge tourist flow round the year.


Kakatiya Musical Garden

This 15 acred garden is situated close to Bhadrakali temple. It is a great picnic spot in Warangal, especially to spend your evenings. The musical fountain here the main attraction. There is a rock and an artificial waterfall in the background. There are boating facilities in the artificial lake inside the garden

Timing for musical fountain show: every day from 7pm onwards.


Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Eturnagaram wildlife is one of the famous and oldest sanctuaries in India. The dense and deciduous teak woods forests here is house for animals like tigers, spotted deers, wolfs, panthers, black bucks, chinkaras, giant squirrels, sloth bears and antelopes.


Ramappa Temple

This temple is a typical example of ancient South Indian architecture. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is visited by a huge number of tourists. The 6 feet tall Shivalingam in the sanctum and the 9 foot tall Nandi statue are the main attractions here. Though in ruins now, the place hold an important part in Andhra Pradesh’s tourism map.


Sri Veeranarayana Temple

This temple located at Kolanupaka in Warangal is believed to be built around 1104 AD. The main diety here is Lord Vishnu as Shri Veeranarayana.  Its structure is an excellent example of Chalukya style of architecture with its intricate carvings and wall arts.