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Top Attractions


Pookot Lake:

If you are exploring Wayand from the southern tip, the Pookot Lake is a breath taking spot surrounded by jungles and rolling hills. Boating here is an enchanting experience amidst the tranquil environs. The lake is surrounded by an aquarium, children’s park and a small emporium from where you can buy Kerala handicrafts and spices.


Soochipara Waterfalls:

The Soochippara Waterfalls or Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is near Meppadi, in the southern tip of Wayanad. The gushing waters from as high as 100 to 300 feet here is a cooling and soothing visual treat. Enjoy swimming and rafting here or simply get wet under this sparkling cascade. There are tree top huts offering a breath taking view of the Western Ghats and the surroundings.


Chembra Peak:

This tallest peak of Wayand (2100 mtrs above sea level) is the favourite spot of trekkers.
Temporary camps can be set up atop to enjoy the panoramic view of entire Wayanad. Sleeping bags, canvas, log huts, guides and trekking equipments will be provided by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC).Prior permission is required from the Forest Range Officer at Meppadi. Contact:  91-4936-202134


Edakkal Cave:

Edakkal Cave is a place of great historical significance and archaeologists round the visits here. Located about 25 km from Kalpetta, this crevice of 96 ft in length and 22 ft width was formed from a natural rock splitting centuries back. The 30 ft deep cave formed here is a nature’s marvel and will leave anyone spell bound. The engraving found on these rock walls are said to be of Neo-lithic age and similar to those found at some places in Africa. A 45 minutes trekking is required to reach the cave.

Open till 5.00pm.


Kuruva Island:

Located 17 kms east of Mananthavady, this 950 acred isolated island is a superb picnic spot on the tributaries of river Kabani and with thick jungle around. Many rare species of birds, herbs and orchids are found here. The island can be reached by rowing bamboo rafts. Kuruva island will be closed during monsoon (June to September).



It is a famous water fall 27 kms from Kalpetta, where water gurgles from a height of 300 meters, and flows in 3 separate tiers. Adventure lovers can indulge in a 2 km trek, while enjoying the beautiful scenery around. Bird watching at Neelimala View Point is also a worthy experience.



Papanashini means "Washing of sins". Taking a bath in the cool, crystal waters of Papanashini river is believed to have the power of purification. The river is located amidst lush greenery. If you are tired of the day’s activities and jungle walks, get recharged with a bath and relaxing moments spent here. 


Thirunelly Temple:

This 3000 year old temple devoted to Lord Vishnu stands close to the Papanashini stream. The temple and its green surroundings are picturesque and serene. Towards its south is the holy pond Panchatheertha (a meeting point offive rivers meet at this point).



Located 7 km towards the north-east of Thirunelli Temple, Pakshipathalam is a paradise for bird watchers. Many rare species of birds are found here in abundance. With moist deciduous forests unfolding around, there are ample opportunities here for jungle walks and trekking along the steep hills. The gurgling streamlets around is ideal for swimming and bamboo rafting.


Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary):

This sanctuary is home to a wide variety of birds and animals. Access to the place is through elephant rides arranged by the Forest Department.


Banasura Sagar Dam

Located 25km northwest of Kalpetta, this is the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia. The dam and its surroundings are soaked in unspoilt natural beauty. It is also a great picnic spot with boating and bamboo rafting facilities.


Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is another popular wildlife sanctuary famous for its night camping. There is a watch tower here on the lake side that offers exciting views around especially when at night animals comes for water.


Timing: 6am to 8am and 3pm to 5.30pm. For bookings, contact: Wildlife Warden Sultan Bathery.  Tel: 91-4936-220454.


Tomb of Pazhassi Raja:

The memorial of the Pazhassi Raja- ‘The Lion King of Kerala’ in ancient days is another must visit in Wayanad. Located at Mananthavady, a park in his memory is built here.


Jain Temples:

The Jain Temple (6kms from Kalpetta) dedicated to Ananthanatha Swami is famous for its architectural beauty. Its crafted entrance is a marvel and there are many Dravidian styled statues and granite pillars in and around the structure. The 20 steps to the main shrine are carved with 20 different Jain idols.

The Koottamundu Glass Temple at Vellarimala hillside, 20 kms from Kalpetta is another must see. The temple walls adorned with thousands of small glasses and mirrors.


Things to do:

Wayanad is a paradise for adventurous and curious travellers with many activities like jungle walks, tribal visits, trekking and water rides. You can scale many peaks, explore a new jungle path, walk after animal trails or even scramble over boulders, waterfalls and streams. Curious travellers can study about tribal culture, birds, animals and plantations in traditional style.