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Top Attractions


Jalagandeeswarar Temple:

Located within the premises of the Vellore Fort, this famous temple occupies an important place in the annals of history and mythology. The site is deemed to be holy by the local people till date. Jalagandeeswarar Temple houses several fine figures carved out of stone which depict the living spirit of Gods within. The temple is an instance of skilled craftsmanship and boasts of numerous sculptures which can be considered a masterpiece. There is a large open ground present within the temple which is used by the locals for prayers as well as holy rituals.


Swamimalai Hills:

The unique shape of the Swamimalai Hills, with a broad base and high peak, makes it look like a cake. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Yelagiri and is ideal for picnicking or even trekking. The highest peak of the hill is located at a height of 4338 m from the ground level. Adventure enthusiasts enjoy climbing the great height at a stretch. Many other peaks are present in the vicinity such as Pallamathi Hills and Javadi Hills which offer an easier climb. A minor village, Mangalam, is present on the hill which has a famous lotus pond.


Punganoor Lake:

Punganoor Lake is an important source of livelihood in Yelagiri as well as a popular tourist spot. It is an artificial lake created to increase the beauty of the region and draw tourists to Yelagiri. The huge lake, spread over a region of 57 sq. m, is ideal for rowing and boating. A lovely floriculture garden is located nearby where visitors can relax while experiencing the beauty of this man-made lake. An open space is provided where birds of diverse species come to feed. Rides and play structures are installed in the spot to keep children entertained. Punganoor Lake, maintained by the Yelagiri Hill Development and Tourism Department, is a great place for people who love the beauty and calm offered by nature.


Herbal Farm:

Situated close to the Punganoor Lake and maintained by the Forest Department, a herbal farm grows large quantities of medicinal plants which are used in Ayurvedic and Sidda for medical treatments.


Velavan Temple:

Constructed in memory of Lord Muruga, the Velavan Temple is located near the top of the Yelagiri Hills. It serves as an ideal spot to take in the grand view of the plain lands lying below from the peak of the mountain. Right in front of the temple stands a statue of Gadothgajan which impresses tourists. The bells of the temple can be heard a good distance away and lends an air of culture to the area. The Velavan Temple serves as the site of all festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu when devotees as well as local people gather in large numbers and the entire place comes to life with a wonderful blend of heritage and colours.


Telescope House:

The telescope observatory is located near the Swamimalai Hills at the starting place of Ghat Road. It offers a great view of the lush green valleys, deep slopes and Jolarpet plains situated a good distance away. Perfect for spending time with the entire family, the site is open even on weekends.


Jalagamparai Falls:

Situated  little away from Yelagiri, Jalagamparai waterfalls give life to the valley downhill. This beautiful spot provides visitors with an experience well worth remembering. The best view of the falls can be seen from the month of November to February when the falls are filled with water. The waterfall dries up a bit during the summer. The flow of water has somewhat reduced in recent times but still its picturesque beauty is appreciated by most tourists visiting the spot.