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Oyster Opera Hotel

Oyster Opera Hotel
Destinations : Bekal
Facilities :

All cottages are provided with 24 hours power(backed up with generator) and water, 2 easy chairs in verandah, 1 bedroom ceiling fan, 2 bedside lamps, 1 foir, 1 European closet with both toilet paper and jet spray pump, one hand wash basin along with soap, shampoo, oil, bath towel and a hand towel.

Accomodation :

coming soon

Sight Seeing :

OYSTER OPERA which is maintained specially for guests as the best option. This theme village is unique with traditional huts and restaurants built on land, water and treetop using locally available materials that do not disrupt the natural ambience. The well furnished seven cottages namely Mussel, Oyster, Clam, Shrimp, Crab, Float House, Elevated House and a House boat which cruises through extraordinary beautiful backwaters are reserved exclusively for our guests who would want to feast their eyes with nature enormous beauty. The eco friendly with thatched, tiled or bamboo roofs and open air bath blend with nature enabling you to be yourself. A selected group of villagers engaged in mussel farming have been trained to receive guests and be their guides. This friendly and unobtrusive staff will be your best providing you with the luxuries service and privacy that is required by you and your beloved. We suggest that the ‘OYSTER OPERA’ is the best!